Corilla Plastics is the UK leader in rotational moulding. Our core strength lies in our ability to use the unique opportunities offered by the rotational moulding process to translate customer designs and requirements into production, quickly and competitively. We offer an extensive trade-moulding manufacturing capability, as well as marketing a range of our own world-class products.

Why Corilla?

Corilla Plastics is the UK’s leading trade-moulding company.

We differentiate ourselves by the level of response and the service we give our customers. Our aim is to develop deep relationships with customers, enabling us to work together as partners, liaising closely through every stage of design and manufacture.


Corilla recognises that a key element in running a responsible manufacturing company is to re-cycle and re-use as much raw material as possible, thereby lessening the need to use virgin polymers.

In addition we have a policy to work with customers, suppliers and government agencies to manage all resources more carefully, thereby reducing our impact on the environment.


It’s testament to our expertise that companies from across the globe seek the skills and experience we have to offer, to meet their very specific needs. International trade forms a significant part of our market, and we are adept at dealing in foreign languages and currencies as well as the logistics of making secure overseas deliveries.

Many companies approach us as a result of receiving a recommendation from one of our customers, we’re always happy to talk through a project, even if it’s just a tentative enquiry, to see if we can help.

Custom Design

The Corilla Plastics design team bring 30 years of experience to every project they work on. In effect this means that they can become involved in a new project at whatever stage a customer requires, from the evolution of a design concept, through to its development, 3D imaging, prototyping and onward into full production.

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