Corilla Plastics is a rotational moulding company with 40 years experience

Based in South Wales, we create quality mouldings for customers worldwide.

Our staff have years of rotational moulding expertise

We've created rotational mouldings for customers across the UK and for all types of industry.

We create rotationally moulded products in all shapes, sizes and colours

From 5m high navigation buoys for use on the North Sea to food dispensers for farm animals.

We continually invest in equipment and plant

With five rotational moulding machines from 1.2m to 3m diameter, we can produce a huge range of products.

Our client portfolio includes some of the world's best known brands

Corilla Plastics is a UK based rotational moulding company with a long heritage of manufacturing quality custom made plastics products.

We’ve been producing rotationally moulded plastic products for more than forty years. During that time, we’ve produced products for some very well known companies, including Fiat, Caterpillar and Land Rover.

So when it comes to manufacturing rotationally moulded products, we know what we’re talking about. But there’s much more to manufacturing than just the manufacturing. And that’s why at Corilla Plastics we don’t just make things, we make things happen.

Behind every product and every machine is a team of experienced and committed people that support our customers at every stage of their product’s development. So between sketching out the initial concept to it coming out of the mould, you can expect to work with the most skilled designers and engineers in the business.

We believe this way of working makes doing business a more rewarding and enjoyable experience, for us and our customers. So if you’re looking for a rotational moulding company with bags of experience, an eye for quality and a desire to provide our customers with fantastic service, then contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

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