Printed prototypes

031When speed is of the essence, rotational moulding can take an idea from the drawing board to manufacture in double quick time. Traditionally this has offered excellent opportunities for quickly creating prototypes.

With the advent of 3D printing however, Corilla can now offer true ‘rapid prototyping’ decreasing the timeframe yet further for new product development and providing scope for design enhancements before tooling is manufactured.

We have already 3D printed a range of scale model marine navigation buoys for our sister company Corilla Marine as sales demonstrators. The models are built to be accurate to +/- 1mm tolerance and can be deconstructed and reconstructed in exactly the same way as our real buoys.

Tom Fleming, Managing Director says: “As a plastic product manufacturer with a global market, the advances in the quality of 3D printing means that we have the potential to assist customers with design enhancement and prototyping at lower cost and faster then ever before.”

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  1. Hi I work as a volunteer at a sea cadet unit and a sea scout group and I am looking for a full set of model navigational buoys to use as training aid when teaching navigation to these young people. please could you send me a list of what buoys you can do and a price

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