Which plastics process should I use?

I recently had the opportunity to address a number of professional buyers in a major UK Off Road Vehicle Construction company based in Coventry. The purpose was to debate the advantages and disadvantages of various plastic processes.

Although Corilla Plastics specialise in Rotational Moulding, historically, we have much experience of manufacturing in the Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming and Extrusion Blow Moulding sectors.

We have also had the experience of working closely with supplier partners specialising in Injection Moulding, therefore felt confident to deliver a seminar on the merits of Plastic Processing generally.

The debate was lively and inter-active, with the audience throwing up some challenging questions of “why this” compared to “why that”, also the cost implication comparisons of the various options. This applied not only to the unit costs but also the relative tooling costs.

A very worthwhile and interesting experience. How many other bloggers have had similar opportunities and experiences. Please share.

Les Loosemore (Technical Sales Support Manager) Corilla Plastics Ltd

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