Rotationally moudled street furniture, safe, weather resistant and maintenance free…

If you need superior quality rotationally moulded street furniture for your business, Corilla Plastics’ rotationally moulded polyethylene is virtually maintenance free, rot proof and weather resistant.

Using rotationally moulded plastic street furniture is hygienic and safe as polyethylene is free of toxic chemicals, free of splinters and is even graffiti resistant. And, if you choose to use our recycled plastic, it is environmentally friendly as well.

Corilla Plastics have been roto-moulding experts for over 40 years. We make all of our recycled rotationally moulded products in Wales from 100% recycled plastic.

Whatever your rotationally moulded plastic needs, we can make proprietary products to suit them, from street furnishings to fuel tanks and much more.

Why use Corilla Recycled Plastic?

Environmentally friendly

Products made from Corilla Plastics’ range of recycled polyethylene have fantastic sustainability benefits and require minimal upkeep and repair. And at the end of their lifecycle, they can be recycled again.

Improve performance

Street furnishing products made from recycled polyethylene are durable, versatile and suitable for myriad applications. Plastic has a very high strength to weight ratio, making plastic products easier to handle and install.

Help win new work

Greatly enhance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standing through the use of recycled products. A key consideration in public sector contract awards.

Save money

Recycled plastic street furniture is cheaper to produce and cheaper to buy. What better way could there be to save your business money and help the environment too?

Why not give us a call today and see how using us to make your road barriers and other street furnishings can help you to make your construction site a safe and environmentally responsible place to work.

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