What left the factory last month…

Here is  Ashley’s quick round up on what kept us busy last month..


A lot of orders placed for Marine and Huw has taken on 5 new projects during November. These buoys are being sold all over the world; Dubai other countries in the Middle East and Africa.


Winter means many horse owners keep their animals stabled for longer periods due to the harsh weather conditions. This means that sales of  horse toys have increased as they are a great way to keep horses exercised and occupied indoors.


Last month saw steady sales of our 250L mortar tubs and the 250L combi mortar tubs to independent traders and larger housebuilders across the UK. We currently have an offer on white 300L combi mortar tubs  and speckled 300L combi mortar tubs. Check out the Dragon Building Products website for details


Drainage pipes for underneath the roads outside of new buildings of houses and other spaces around the UK in conjunction with construction.

We also received an order for playground equipment – soft cubes for children aged three to eight.

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