Corilla – Santa’s little helper…

South Wales based Corilla may be internationally known for its precision-made rotationally moulded plastic components for many high-tech industries. But it’s not only business boffins who benefit from the company’s renowned expertise in plastics design and manufacturing.  At this time of year, Corilla brings an excited smile to millions of little faces, courtesy of Santa Claus and his helpers!

For some of the best-known and best-respected toy companies in the world, Corilla has created the tooling for items ranging from children’s play houses and push-along cars, to garden swings and sand pits – and hundreds of other high-quality and durable items designed to give hours of fun! In the UK, many Corilla creations have been available through such High Street stores as the Early Learning Centre, Toys R Us and Argos.

Playforce is a market-leading UK based company that designs and supplies playground equipment to nursery and primary schools. When Playforce launched Poddely – a range of innovative playground equipment designed to stretch children’s imaginations and give them more opportunity for interaction, problem solving and team work – the company was buying in solid polyurethane cubes and prisms, which were expensive, heavy and risked making a great product too expensive. After researching alternative manufacturing methods, Playforce approached Corilla to manufacture the rotationally moulded playground equipment needed to solve their problem.

With precision tooling created, Corilla now rotationally mould the required components using a particularly soft grade of material to make them as safe as possible for handling by children.

Joel Thomson, Supply Chain Manager for Playforce, is delighted with the outcome. “Corilla provided us with the ideal solution to the issue we were facing. We are really pleased with the end result, which is more than a match for the original components we were buying in – not to mention that it has dramatically reduced the cost of production.”

Flexible Flyer is the largest American manufacturer of consumer swing sets and offers a diverse range of high-quality, traditional toys for today’s children, designed to encourage both exercise and use of the imagination. These include play houses, slides, swings, sand pits and push-along cars – the tooling for which was shipped from the United States and adapted for Corilla’s rotational moulding machines.

So the next time you see the name Corilla, don’t be fooled into thinking that the company just makes essential precision components for the motor, construction, petrochemical, marine and materials handling industries. Because without many of Corilla’s creations, Santa Claus would have a much more difficult job at this time of year!

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